Just added Aug. 26 in Wise, Va. Current engagements:

– May 2, Trinity Wesleyan (Central, SC) Celebrate Recovery, 7 pm
– May 7, Davidson Street Baptist Church, 11 am (Clinton, SC)
– May 7, Hopewell Baptist Church (Seneca, SC) 6 pm
– Aug. 26, Zion Family Ministries/Man Up Men’s Ministry (Wise, Va.), TBD
– Aug. 27, Tazwell (Va.) First Assembly (Morning Service)

Need a speaker for your church, men’s group, team or organization? Potential topics include:

  • Dan’s Testimony
  • Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life (And How Grand Slam Ministries Came To Be)
  • What Jesus Teaches Us About Communication
  • How The World Defines Us vs. How God Defines Us (Good For Youth Groups, Too)
  • Forgiveness: Not Letting Your Past Define Your Future
  • How God Can Use Young People (Youth Groups)
  • Winning! (Great For Men’s Groups)
  • Don’t Look Back! (Great For Men’s Groups)
  • God Really Does Move In Mysterious Ways

Dan doesn’t charge a speaking fee. He leaves that between the people who invite him and the Holy Spirit. The only expectation is that for longer trips travel expenses will be covered.

To book Dan, or ask any questions, email Dan@DanScottShow.org, or simply fill out the contact form on this site.